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Family Stabilization Services and In-Home Therapy


Program Snapshot

The Family Stabilization Services program provides In-Home Therapy services for the families of youth diagnosed with severe emotional disturbances, and case management services for adults with mental health and substance abuse issues. The program is dedicated to helping families to confront crisis situations, and develop the coping skills they need to maintain a safe, healthy family unit. Recognizing that many families in crisis need help outside of a normal business day, the program offers support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The program also offers Community Support Program (CSP) services for transitional aged youth and adults who struggle with chronic mental health or substance abuse issues, and/or with managing general life issues.

The programs' staff are highly-trained professionals with expertise in dealing with trauma-related cases, domestic violence, substance abuse, severe mental illness, co-occurring disorders, developmental and learning disabilities, and parent-child conflict among all age groups.

In addition to providing intensive home-based therapy, staff work with families to identify natural supports in their communities such as extended family, friends, and spiritual leaders. By fostering collaboration between the family’s  professional caretakers – including therapists, psychiatrists or any state agency caseworkers – the team helps clients to build a network that will provide stability as they work through a crisis situation, and will ultimately help them to achieve permanence as a family. CSP staff provide clinical support and intensive case management to connect individuals to formal and natural supports that will ultimately help them to stabilize.


Clients at a Glance

Our clients include children or adults of all ages who require crisis intervention, individual or family therapy, or advocacy with other entities including the legal, child welfare, mental health and court systems.