Summer 2017 Program Updates

By June 1, 2017 News

This summer YOU, Inc. has seen two services close, our Educational Day Academy and the Worcester Juvenile Resource Center. The latter closure was a result of the Massachusetts Probation Service decision to not renew the contract due to state budget constraints, which, according to their statement, made the contract “untenable.” Additionally, YOU, Inc. made the difficult decision to close the Educational Day Academy. Such decisions are rare and are only made after much deliberation and a concerted attempt to make a needed service work, often over several years. Unfortunately, in the current climate where public school systems have brought these services in-house, delivering such a service is also untenable.

We are extremely proud of the work and care that both services provided over their long histories, and are pleased that we have been able to work hard to transition both youth and staff as well as possible, with most staff staying with the agency.

Finally, having been awarded a new STARR (Short Term Assessment and Rapid Reintegration) contract from the Commonwealth, we are currently transitioning the Village service site, currently a Community Based Acute Treatment ( CBAT) site, to a STARR facility. We continue our commitment to community-based acute treatment by serving both CBAT and ICBAT (Intensive Community Based Acute Treatment) level of care at our acclaimed Wetzel Center and Cottage Hill Academy sites.

Even in these challenging and uncertain times for behavioral health providers, YOU, Inc. continues to proudly serve a broad range of youth and families across 40+ services and many sites in Central Massachusetts and as the agency finalizes its multi- year strategic plan this fall is poised to continue to meet the changing needs