The Wetzel Center

Psychiatric Care for Children

With a family-centered approach, The Joy and Robert Wetzel Center for Children provides comprehensive, hospital-level psychiatric care for children in a comfortable, out-of-home setting. We created the Center as a hospital diversion program to give children and adolescents a more appropriate setting for their age for psychiatric care than a traditional hospital can provide.

The program consists of a latency (child) unit and an adolescent unit, allowing us to support youth ages 6-18 as well as both boys and girls.

An Array of Supportive Services

At The Wetzel Center, a twenty-four hour, staff-secure site, we provide:
Intensive therapeutic care for clients and their families
Case management and psychological testing
Medication and behavior management
Occupational therapy
A full school program recognized by the Worcester Public Schools
Intensive aftercare planning and placement

The specific services offered at the Wetzel Center are Intensive Community Based Acute Treatment (ICBAT) and Community Based Acute Treatment (CBAT). The Center is widely recognized for our safety, low readmission rates, and average length of stay, which are among the lowest in Massachusetts.

Taken together, the Center is one of the premier providers of acute mental health services for children in this region.

Referrals for Acute Residential Services ACCEPTED 24 Hours/day: 508-849-5640 (option 1).

Most referrals are made by community screening teams or Emergency Mental Health Services.

For information, you may also contact Judi Rock, Assistant Vice President of Behavioral Health at 508-770-0511 ext. 114,

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