Teen Parent Supported Living

A Safe Place for Teen Mothers

Our Teen Parent Supported Living program provides homeless teen mothers, or those at risk of becoming homeless, with a safe, comfortable and supportive home in which they can learn to care for their child and for themselves. House parents provide supervision and support to the teen mothers, and help coordinate their day-to-day activities.


Give mothers and their young children confidence
Give them the opportunity to become happy and self-supporting members of their community
Provide clinical and educational services that enhance the teen’s parenting skills, academic and vocational standing, social skills, and independent living skills

The specific services offered at the Wetzel Center are Intensive Community Based Acute Treatment (ICBAT) and Community Based Acute Treatment (CBAT). The Center is widely recognized for our safety, low readmission rates, and average length of stay, which are among the lowest in Massachusetts.

Taken together, the Center is one of the premier providers of acute mental health services for children in this region.

Most referrals are made by community screening teams or Emergency Mental Health Services. To learn more or inquire about a referral, please contact our Central Referral 1-855-4YO-UINC or centralreferral@youinc.org.

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