STARR Adolescent Program

Short-Term Support

The Adolescent STARR (Short Term Assessment and Rapid Reintegration) program provides short-term out of home placements for adolescents with the goal of developing the child’s natural supports within the family, community, and schools. The purpose is to disrupt the youth’s life as little as possible during this short-term program.

At the program, we offer diagnostic assessments and clinical services to reunite the child with his or her family or caregivers while facilitating the child’s attendance at their school of origin. We also maintain connections with their therapists and service providers, and help them to continue with their normal activities including sports or afterschool programs.

The STARR Adolescent Program is staffed twenty-four hours a day. We also offer educational support including a Special Education tutor, and family-focused services including individual and family therapy.

Youth are referred by the Department of Children and Families and the Department of Mental Health.

For referrals, please contact Loni Griff, Assistant Component Director of Residential Services, 508-757-5579 (x645). Confidential VM/Txt.

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