Oxford House

Safety & Stability for Young Men

The George Bernardin Oxford House is a long-term intensive group home for adolescent boys (ages 11-18) who have experienced significant adverse life events (physical abuse, sexual abuse, severe neglect, exposure to substance abuse, pervasive disruption in primary caregivers, residential instability and/or homelessness, etc.) that negatively impact their functioning at home, school, and community.

We provide a safe and structured environment in a traditional colonial home where family and community participation is emphasized. The goal of this program is to stabilize inappropriate behaviors, including running away, substance abuse, sexual offending, anger management, and poor social skills. The program is strength-based, client/family-driven, and integrates trauma-informed care with occupational therapy. It is staffed 24 hours a day to provide support for residents at all times.

Individualized, client-specific levels of supervision as well as daily house meetings and weekly group therapy cover topics ranging from character development and peer pressure, to creative expression and team-building are offered through this program. Transitional services are also put in place which follow the youth through the  transition back to their  home and school community – allowing boys to achieve permanency goals and solidify their family relationships.

For referrals, please contact Anna Berin, Assistant Component Director of Residential Services & Director of Congregate Care, 774-314-1215. Confidential VM/Txt.

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