Latency Group Home

From Disability to Ability

The Latency Intensive Group Home (IGH) serves children from ages 6-12 years in a structured, routine-based home-like environment. Children served present with a variety of characteristics and most are diagnosed with a significant emotional disturbance due to significant adverse life events (i.e., physical abuse, sexual abuse, severe neglect, exposure to substance abuse, pervasive disruption in primary caregivers, residential instability and/or homelessness) that negatively impact their functioning at home, school, and community. Individual behaviors may include physical aggression and self-harm, poor impulse control, limited coping skills, poor social skills, and trauma reactive behavior.

The program is strength-based, client/family-driven and integrates trauma-informed care with occupational therapy. We coordinate educational services with the local school districts and the children attend school off grounds. Program personnel assist the children with transportation to medical appointments, school, recreational activities and clinical meetings. Clinical treatment is centered on building skills in areas of emotional regulation, distress tolerance, social skills, self-esteem and self-worth, focusing on ability rather than disability.

For referrals, please contact Anna Berin, Assistant Component Director of Residential Services & Director of Congregate Care, 774-314-1215. Confidential VM/Txt.

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