Cottage Hill Academy

A Peaceful Place to Heal

Located in Northern Central MA, Cottage Hill Academy provides a comprehensive range of residential, educational, and therapeutic services on a gorgeous, peaceful, self-contained campus. Children at the Academy are ages 6-20 and are often survivors of traumatic life events such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, exposure to domestic violence, neglect, and loss of a parent. They present with some form of safety concern when living in the community (such as suicidal or homicidal thoughts and actions, psychosis, substance abuse, self-harming behaviors, running away, sexualized behaviors, poor decision making skills, stealing, fire setting, and truancy). At Cottage Hill they receive the support and care they need to overcome trauma and heal.

Levels of Care

Due to the range of personal histories and behaviors, we provide several levels of care to children and adolescents, including Intensive Group Home (IGH), Residential-Educational (Res-Ed), Community Based Acute Treatment (CBAT), Intensive Community Based Acute Treatment (ICBAT), Transitional Care Unit (TCU), and Educational Day Placement. We are licensed to provide special education on grounds, clinical integrated milieu treatment, and family services. We offer intensive treatment in an environment that provides safety and behavioral containment when necessary. Assessment, diagnostic, and stabilization work is also provided as needed.

A Variety of Services

We individualize and tailor our services to fit the needs of each youth in our care, providing an impressive range of services on campus:
Adventure Based Learning
Outdoor low and high ropes course obstacles as well as an indoor, rock climbing wall housed in our full-sized gymnasium.
Clinical Services
Individual, group & family counseling, psychological testing, & psychiatric consultation.
Creative Therapies
Music therapy, art therapy, drumming, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, trauma sensitive approaches, & Occupational Therapy sensory profiles.
Educational: Individual Education Plans
Small group and individualized instruction; work-study; health, nutrition, and personal hygiene education.
Family Work
Family therapy, in-home therapy and supportive services, use of the program’s family center for overnight visits on campus.
Medical Services
Complete medical triage, routine care, medication management, dental and eye care, and referral services.
Recreational programming
Doc Wayne League sports and other structured recreation programs designed to encourage socialization skills, health and fitness, Preparing Adolescents for Young Adulthood (PAYA) and memberships to local organizations such as the YMCA.

Coordinating Care

At Cottage Hill we recognize the vital importance of including the client’s family, other treating agencies, educational advocates and caseworkers in their treatment plans. Separate facilities are created to house visiting families or caregivers traveling from a distance, or for therapeutic family sessions and activities during a client’s stay at Cottage Hill. 24-hour medical assistance is offered for residential clients and day students either in person or by phone as appropriate.

Referrals for Acute Residential Services ACCEPTED 24 Hours/day: 508-849-5640 (Option 1).

Referrals for Group Home, Residential or Day Educational Programming: Sara Vettesse, Campus Administrator at 978-652-1136 or

For further information, you may also contact Julie Pasquino, Clinical Director, at 968-652-1109

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