Dynamy Internship Year (Gap Year)

A Respected Gap Year

The Internship Year is a domestic, experiential gap year program for young adults ages 17 to 22 who want to learn differently. For a full academic year or semester, students are immersed in real-world activities and supported by mentors while living and interning in Worcester, Mass., resulting in increased focus, maturity, self-awareness, and critical thinking skills.  Students are taught to find and use their own strengths, confidence, passions, values, and leadership qualities.

Founded in 1969, the Internship Year is one of the most established and respected gap year programs in the country. Dynamy became a division of YOU, Inc. in 2009.

The Right Combination: Program Elements

Internship Year effectively combines:
An adventure challenge expedition
Full-time internship experiences chosen from over 200 placement options
Residential life in a supervised apartment setting
Individual advising and personalized support
Community service
Career and college counseling
Class meetings and college seminars
To learn more about this tuition-based gap year and/or the admission process, please visit dynamy.org.
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