Education & Transition

Living & Learning

Our commitment to healthy outcomes and bright futures for children and families has long included a commitment to education and employment services. Today, we specialize in college and career preparation for high school and transitional-age youth, including a strong occupational certification program. We also provide a day school on a beautiful campus for students needing behavioral support. And we are proud to be the only human services agency in the country with two college success programs and a renowned gap year program!

Bullying Prevention (BRACE)

We’ve integrated bullying prevention and restorative actions into our work with youth across a variety of programs for many years.

Career Pathways

Provides structured academic support and tutoring to students who have dropped out of a traditional high school and want to attain a High School Equivalency (HiSET), formerly known as the GED, or have graduated and are seeking additional enhanced occupational training skills.

College Access & Success Programs

Economic stability leads to better health outcomes for individuals and families, and the best predictor of such stability is a college degree.

Cottage Hill Academy Day School

At our Cottage Hill Academy in North Central MA we operate a full Day School for students needing specific emotional and behavioral support.

Dynamy Internship Year

The Internship Year is a domestic, experiential gap year program for young adults ages 17 to 22 who want to learn differently.

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