School-Based Counseling

Reaching Youth Where They Are

We provide counseling, consultation, and group therapy services within public schools in Central MA, reaching children where they are in their community. Schools refer students for in-school counseling services. Parents/guardians give permission for their child to receive services and to use their health insurance to cover sessions’ costs at no cost to the school (insurance co-payments may apply, and schools may also identify grants or other funding sources as a secondary payment option).

Supportive Services

Services available include in-school individual and family counseling, in-school group therapy, office-based medication evaluations, office-based family therapy, consultations/classroom observations, staff workshops and trainings, and specialized evaluations (e.g. ADHD evaluations, risk management assessments, psychological testing.

The following services can be provided on-site at the school: Individual Counseling, Family counseling, Specialized Group Counseling, and Consultations and Trainings. Students receiving School-Based Services may also take advantage of office-based services provided in our Counseling Centers, as well as Psychiatric Services or Psychological Assessments & Testing (ADHD, Spectrum and Non-verbal Learning Disorders, Anxiety/Depression, etc.).

To learn more or to make a referral for School-Based Counseling, please contact our Central Referral 1-855-4YO-UINC or

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