Worcester Family Resource Center

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The Worcester Family Resource Center (FRC) is a community-based, culturally competent program that provides evidence-based parent education groups, information and referral, mentoring, and other opportunities for children and families in need, as well as services specific to children who are having serious problems at home and at school, including runaways, truants, and sexually exploited children, known as Children Requiring Assistance (CRA).

As a part of its work the FRC supports a community-based network of services to enable children requiring assistance and their families to obtain needed services in their home communities, instead of through the court system. These include access to voluntary mental health services, wrap-around family support services, and voluntary services.

The Worcester Family Resource Center provides:
Referral information and linkages to services
Assessment and family support planning
Assessment and support services for families with CRA (Child Requiring Assistance) issues
Evidence-based parent educational groups
Parent-child activities
Center and community-based activities, educational classes and workshops
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