Therapeutic Mentoring

Individual Support for Youth

Therapeutic Mentors (or Trackers, as different funders use different words to describe this role) support youth ages 3-21 years, who experience emotional/behavioral issues in their home, school, or community. We offer structured, one-to-one strength-based support services between a mentor/tracker and a youth, for the purpose of providing a meaningful relationship, positive role modeling and an advocate for the youth.

The Mentor’s Role

A mentor’s role is to help the youth learn the necessary skills to function successfully in the world. He/she helps the youth to develop concrete skills—daily living, social and communication needs, etc.—and to improve their connection to the community and with family and peers. Meeting with the youth two hours per week for approximately three to twelve months, a mentor often works with them to build self-esteem, develop behavioral plans, or learn anger management skills. A mentor also provides support and guidance to parents regarding communication and discipline, and referrals are made for afterschool activities and counseling as needed. Services are provided to youth wherever they reside, and in other community settings. Interventions are goal-directed, purposeful and activity-based, designed to support age-appropriate social functioning or improve weaknesses in the youth’s social functioning.

To learn more or to refer a youth to Therapeutic Mentoring, please contact our Central Referral 1-855-4YO-UINC or

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