Family Stabilization/In-Home Therapy

Maintaining a Safe, Healthy Family

The Family Stabilization Service is dedicated to helping families to confront crisis situations, and develop the coping skills they need to maintain a safe, healthy family unit. It provides CBHI (the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’s Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative) In-Home Therapy for the families of youth diagnosed with severe emotional disturbances, and case management services for adults with mental health and substance abuse issues.

Support Services

Services include intensive in-home treatment that includes individual and family therapy, crisis prevention and intervention, psychoeducation, case management, and advocacy with legal, welfare, educational, mental health, and other systems. The program offers intensive clinical support to parents 24/7 to best assist families.

Our Staff

Highly-trained professionals are educated in dealing with trauma-related cases, domestic violence, substance abuse, severe mental illness, co-occurring disorders, developmental and learning disabilities, and parent-child conflict among all age groups. They work with families to identify natural and positive supports in their communities such as extended family, friends, and spiritual leaders as well as any professional caretakers in order to develop ways to work through crises and to build networks that foster supportive relationships with everyone involved in their life.

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