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Taking Care of Children

Within the statewide Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative, YOU, Inc. serves as the Community Service Agency (CSA) for the South Central and Blackstone Valley areas of Central Massachusetts. Through our CSAs we  support families with children under age 21 with serious emotional disturbance, providing Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) for these families through a wraparound care planning process.

Intensive Care Coordination

Care Coordinators help bring together the main adults in your child’s life, so that they work together to help your child. You choose who is on your team, including professionals (therapists, social workers, teachers, pediatricians) and your personal supports (friends or relatives). You may also ask for a Family Partner, a parent trained to help you make sure that your voice is heard. Together, the team will help you and your child reach your goals for your family.

Wraparound Approach

Wraparound is a process used to create, implement and monitor an individual plan designed specifically to address the needs of your child. Wraparound builds on the strengths of your child, family, team and community, and puts your family at the center of the planning process, building a team around your vision for your child’s future. We also help you to navigate and connect with multiple services and supports and coordinate referrals for all community supports that augment therapy.

Overall Goal

The overriding goal of the program is to increase your family’s ability to manage and support your child with their serious emotional disturbance, and to help him or her to improve his or her functioning in the family, in the community, or at school.

Along those lines, the CSA also provides family support and training utilizing family partners to support and coach parents on navigating through the child’s mental health system.

To learn more or to refer a participant (must have MassHealth), please contact our Central Referral 1-855-4YO-UINC or

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