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The State’s Initiative

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’s Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) brings structure and coordination to the delivery of behavioral health services to children across the state. The CBHI mission ensures that children with MassHealth who have significant behavioral, emotional and mental health needs and their families get the services they need for success in home, school, community, and throughout life.

YOU, Inc.’s Role

Within CBHI, YOU, Inc. provides In-Home Therapy (IHT), Intensive Care Coordination (ICC), Therapeutic Mentoring (TM) and Family Support and Training (FS&T). FS&T is sometimes referred to as Family Partner services. TM and FS&T are Hub-Dependent services, and as such referrals for these services must come from either an Intensive Care Coordinator, In-Home Therapist, or Outpatient clinician.

Community Service Agencies (CSAs)  provide support for families with children under age 21 who have serious emotional disturbance. Our CSAs are located in Milford and Southbridge, and provide Intensive Care Coordination to families in these locations and the surrounding towns.

IHT is home-based therapy that helps to stabilize a family in crisis to meet the behavioral health needs of a youth struggling with a Serious Emotional Disturbance. IHT is intensive and time-limited and works with families to identify their strengths and challenges, and partners with parents or guardians to help meet the needs of a youth who is struggling with mood, affect, symptoms and behaviors.

Treatment providers should contact Central Referral 1-855-4YO-UINC or centralreferral@youinc.org for more information about CBHI services at YOU, Inc.

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