Loss & Trauma

Dealing with Loss & Trauma as a Community

The mission of the Worcester Institute on Loss and Trauma is to offer consultation, education, research and other resources to people who help and assist trauma survivors. The annual fall conference is the cornerstone of the Institute, offering both professionals and interested community members a day to focus on helping others overcome loss and trauma by focusing on a different topic each year.

The 2017 Loss & Trauma Conference is titled The Road Back Home: Supporting the Journey of Military Families, and features:
Brian Fleming

A combat-wounded veteran who will share his tragic, yet inspiring, war story from Afghanistan and will reveal the three most common habits of the world’s most resilient people and how any person can immediately apply these principles to their life in order to overcome challenges, successfully adapt to change and connect with people on a deeper level.

Charles Hoge, M.D.

Presenting on Once A Warrior, Always a Warrior, which will address myths and stereotypes of military service, stigma and barriers to care, the neurobiological impact of war and trauma, the efficacy of treatment approaches for PTSD and comorbid war-related health concerns, and core components of effective care.

Catherine Mogil, PsyD

Understanding the Unique Needs of Military Children, a presentation focused on the unique needs of children in military families, including the numerous resilience factors that are often present within the military culture. Strategies to support and build upon existing protective factors, as well as effective methods of intervening with military children will be discussed. Lessons learned from a wide-scale implementation of an evidence-based model to build family resilience will be reviewed. Practical applications will be shared to help participants apply strategies within their own systems of care.

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