Loss & Trauma

Dealing with Loss & Trauma as a Community

Natural disasters, Terror acts, Community violence, Mass shootings… These traumatic events fill our feeds and headlines, and leave devastation in their wake. Yet communities can (and do) come together to support one another to recover and heal from such acts of violence.

The Worcester Loss & Trauma Institute’s purpose is to invest in providers by giving them essential tools to understand and foster this healing process. We and our presenters are deeply committed to helping our communities create comprehensive systems and processes to increase our ability to assist those that have suffered directly or indirectly from violence and trauma.

The 2018 Loss & Trauma Conference, Life After Tragedy: When Trauma Impacts Our Community, takes place on September 12th at the College of the Holy Cross. Register NOW!  The Conference features:
Frank Grijalva, Keynote Speaker

Frank Grijalva is the director of the Midwest Trauma Services Network and Senior Vice President of Programming for the International Trauma Center. Frank comes from a challenging childhood, first trained as a behaviorist in the US Navy’s Marine Mammal program, then as a stay-at-home dad.

Frank has an undergraduate degree in Disaster Psychology, a Master’s in Public Health with a focus on child mental health, and a Clinical Master’s focused on traumatology. He has worked with kids and agencies all over the world and currently consults to multiple communities across the US negotiating systemic trauma as well as catastrophic community events.

Kristina Anderson, Personal Speaker

Kristina Anderson founded the The Koshka Foundation for Safe Schools, a non-profit dedicated to helping local community and school stakeholders work together to prevent, respond and heal in the aftermath of school violence, after becoming one of the most critically injured survivors from the 2007 Virginia Tech tragedy.

Shot 3 times, Ms. Anderson returned to graduate from Virginia Tech with a degree in International Studies and Foreign Languages, and is now a resource to school administrators, teachers and students within higher education and K-12 regarding violence prevention initiatives and ways to increase individual personal safety awareness. The Koshka Foundation also partners with law enforcement agencies and first responders to provide educational presentations on surviving an active shooter from a survivor’s perspective, and best practices in incorporating lessons learned.

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Wednesday, September 12th, 2018
College of the Holy Cross, Hogan Campus Center
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