Advancing Behavioral Health

As we’ve grown over the years, we’ve developed a number of agency-wide initiatives and service areas that add to and advance the work we do throughout YOU, Inc. and that also add to the field of behavioral health, from workforce development to experiential education and creative therapies!


ADVANCE - Behavioral Health Professional Development is a partnership between YOU, Inc., Devereux, and LUK, Inc.

Adventure Challenge Experience

ACE helps our clients to overcome the deep-seated trust issues that can result from trauma and abuse, while developing problem solving and communication skills.

Loss & Trauma Conference

The mission of the Worcester Institute on Loss and Trauma is to offer consultation, education, research and other resources to people who help and assist trauma survivors.


Our Nursing professionals are an integral part of the clinical team, providing exceptional medical services to kids in our care.

Occupational Therapy

The benefits for youth of Occupational Therapy and other Creative Therapies spread from Out-of-Home services to many other programs.

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