Taking Care of Our People

Like most agencies, we provide our staff with vacation and sick time, health and disability insurance, retirement saving options, etc. But what sets us apart are our beyond-the-norm benefits—we know our very greatest asset is our people, and we want to show you that as often as we can!

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Beyond the Norm

We believe that everyone deserves a workplace that is encouraging and appreciative of every person in every role. To show that, we provide both professional benefits, like longevity awards and CEUs that we cover the cost of so you don’t have to, as well as opportunities to get to know your coworkers and just have some fun, like annual Staff Days and program team building activities. We’re also able to provide tickets to local sporting events and conferences, and chances to participate in city events (like the new Dragon Boat races!). Finally, we have smaller benefits that really add up, like a Verizon Wireless discount and child care reimbursement.

Career Path

Some of our benefits directly help you advance your skills and career:

  • We offer 8-10 clinical and management training a year with CEUs provided by us
  • We run the ADVANCE initiative with Assumption College, giving employees a 25% discount for Master’s in Rehab Counseling; Counseling Psych; and Applied Behavioral Analysis; along with any CAGS programs in these areas
  • We have an agreement with Becker College for a 25% discount for our employees for Master’s in Mental Health Counseling, and for their Center for Accelerated and Professional Studies programs (Bachelor’s and Associate’s) in Business, Early Childhood Education, Forensic Psychology, Psychology, & Nursing
  • We provide numerous opportunities to learn from the best, from our in-house Grand Rounds and Trainings, to the opportunity to attend external trainings and workshops as well
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