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By September 5, 2017 News, Success Stories

YOU, Inc., Success Story Using Qualifacts®’ EHR Platform, CareLogic®

Our partnership with Qualifacts is positioning us for the future.”  – Jonathan Miller, Chief Information Officer, Youth Opportunities Upheld, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Success and growth across its 45 programs at 32 sites led Youth Opportunities Upheld (YOU, Inc.) to search for a new EHR platform to support its mission of supporting at-risk children, adolescents, and families in fulfilling their potential and building a brighter future.

Key requirements for the search included tools for data-driven decision making and supporting evidence increasingly demanded by Massachusetts regulators and payers. Organizationally, YOU, Inc., sought improvements in efficiency, reductions in write-offs, enhancements of care, reduction in time to train, and increases in physician satisfaction.

In selecting CareLogic® from Qualifacts®, YOU, Inc., is meeting all those goals: “We use the data inside CareLogic to monitor trends over time, both in revenue cycles and services delivered, for accountability and efficiency.” Miller said. “We have the ability to change what data we’re collecting as we go. I can adapt and move with different requirements that we’re being asked both from insurance companies and state government, and other grant funders, without seeking any assistance.”

As YOU, Inc., grows, the agency is counting on CareLogic to grow with it: “Qualifacts spends more on research and development, and bettering their product, than any other vendor out there,” Miller said. “As our agency changes with the industry, Qualifacts will readily adapt with us.

Interested to learn more on how Qualifacts and its EHR platform, CareLogic, is helping YOU, Inc., simplify complexity? Download the full success story.