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All kids deserve the brightest future possible.

Our mission leads us to design services based on the critical needs of youth and families. We help kids and families overcome trauma (abuse, neglect, loss, etc.), improve their mental health, and find ways to beat the odds to have what all kids deserve—the brightest future possible.

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It’s true. We (they) need you. And your financial support.

But because of our mission, many of our services break even or lose money (even with top notch management). If they were business products, you’d close the line. But that’s not the only outcome we’re  focused on. Our outcomes are: kids reunited with families, kids overcoming depression, kids that statistically have a 10% chance of earning a four-year college degree do it 70% of the time, and whole families going through the hard work to get healthier, happier, hopeful in their future.

And to get there, they literally need you and your money to help us. Your contribution helps us to:
deliver counseling to kids with trauma histories
present new bedding to a child removed from an unsafe situation
build a playground for kids who have none
give families with no options a place to turn
and more…

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