All of Us are Leaders

Our growth and success is the direct result of the outstanding work of our staff of nearly six hundred full and part time professionals, a talented leadership team with an array of experience, and our dedicated Board of Directors.

Since 1969, the organization’s leadership has worked tirelessly to set a clear vision, to follow a thoughtful strategic plan, and to navigate organizational and societal changes.

Board of Directors, 2018-2019
Roy Angel, Chair • Eric Batista • Paul Belsito, Vice Chair • Joseph Crotty, Treasurer • David Crowley • Kathleen Davis • Thomas Dube • Stephen Erickson • Donroy Ferdinand, Assistant Treasurer • Jennifer Flanagan • Kathleen Glowacki • Alex Guardiola • Todd Mandella • Mary Roy • Kimberly Salmon • Audrey Smolkin • Clyde Talley • Donna Truex, Clerk • Julian Wade

Executive and Senior Leadership

Paula Aiello, CPA
Interim President & Chief Executive Officer
Jillian Alfeo, LMHC
Vice President of Quality and Training
Kevin Kittredge, MSA
Interim Chief Financial Officer
Joellen Andrews
Joellen Andrews
Vice President of Human Resources
Allison Beckler
Allison Beckler – MD
Medical Director
Anne Fine
Anne Fine – LICSW
Chief Operating Officer
Charisse Murphy
Director of Development
Kristin Mayotte
Kristin Mayotte
Vice President of Advancement, Education, and Community Engagement
Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller
Chief Information Officer
Judi Rock
Judi Rock – LICSW
Assistant Vice President – Behavioral Health
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