All of Us are Leaders

Our growth and success is the direct result of the outstanding work of our staff of nearly six hundred full and part time professionals, a talented leadership team with an array of experience, and our dedicated Board of Directors.

Since 1969, the organization’s leadership has worked tirelessly to set a clear vision, to follow a thoughtful strategic plan, and to navigate organizational and societal changes.

Board of Directors, 2020
Christina Andreoli • Roy Angel, Chair • Eric Batista • Greg Byrne  Joseph Crotty, Treasurer • David Crowley • Kathleen Davis • Thomas Dube • Stephen Erickson • Donroy Ferdinand, Assistant Treasurer  Kathleen Glowacki • Alex Guardiola • Todd Mandella • Mary Roy  Kimberly Salmon • Audrey Smolkin • Maura Tighe Stickles        Reverend Esau Vance

Executive and Senior Leadership

Paula Aiello, CPA
Interim President & Chief Executive Officer
Kevin Kittredge, MSA
Chief Financial Officer
Allison Beckler
Allison Beckler – MD
Medical Director
Anne Fine
Anne Fine – LICSW
Chief Operating Officer
Kristin Mayotte
Kristin Mayotte
Vice President of Advancement, Education, and Community Engagement
Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller
Chief Information Officer
Judi Rock
Judi Rock – LICSW
Assistant Vice President – Behavioral Health
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