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Wetzel Center


Program Snapshot



The Joy and Robert Wetzel Center for Children provides comprehensive, hospital-level psychiatric care for children in a comfortable, residential setting. The Wetzel Center is widely recognized for its extremely low relapse rates and cost-effective practices, and independent data from the many managed care and third party insurers we work with clearly demonstrate that our re-admission rates and average length of stay are among the lowest in the state. As a result, the Wetzel Center has emerged as the premier provider of acute mental health services for children in this region.

The residential, staff-secure program at the Wetzel center includes such services as intensive therapeutic care for clients and their families, case management and psychological testing, medication and behavior management, occupational therapy, and a structured school program. Our family-centered approach includes frequent participation by parents and caregivers in case reviews and planning meetings, as well as plentiful visiting and family therapy opportunities.



The Wetzel Center Campus

The Wetzel Center combines modern, state-of-the-art therapeutic and meeting spaces with comfortable, “kid-friendly” living spaces designed to provide a nurturing environment for the children in our care. A large, airy dining room is joined by a full-service kitchen, and clients of the Wetzel Center also enjoy large outdoor play spaces and a new, professionally-designed therapeutic playground. 


Our Clients at a Glance

The Wetzel Center serves children and adolescents from ages 7 to 18, on separate latency and adolescent units.


Making a Referral

The Wetzel Center welcomes referrals from child welfare provider agencies and caseworkers, families, and caregivers. Our Central Intake Unit manages referrals for the Wetzel Center, and can answer any questions you may have about the admissions process, including necessary screenings and forms, as well as insurance benefits and eligibility. The team is committed to ensuring that every referral to the Wetzel Center is made in the most timely and welcoming manner possible.

Please call the Central Intake Unit at 508- 849-5640, ext. 2 to initiate a Wetzel Center program referral.




Program Highlight

  • Wetzel staff raised nearly $40K to furnish its kids with a state-of-the art playground. After four years of golf tourneys, bike runs, yard sales, and other activities, nearly 50 YOU Inc. staff joined to build the structure in June.