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Bridge STARR Programs



The Adolescent and Latency Bridge STARR (Short Term Assessment and Rapid Reintegration) programs provide short-term placements for children and adolescents, offering diagnostic assessments and clinical services designed to reunite the child with his family or caregivers as quickly as possible. The programs focus on developing the child’s natural supports within the family, community, and schools, in order to disrupt the child’s life as little as possible during the out of home placement. This practice of “community inclusion” involves facilitating the child’s attendance at their school of origin, maintaining connections with their therapists and service providers, and continuing with their normal activities including sports or after-school programs.

Additional educational support including a Title One Special Education tutor, and family-focused services including individual and family therapy, are also an integral part of the Adolescent and Latency Bridge STARR programs.


The Adolescent and Latency STARR Residences

The Latency Bridge STARR program in Worcester is housed in a spacious duplex. The facility provides a warm and home-like atmosphere with clean and comfortable bedrooms and living space, a full kitchen and dining area, and a small yard for outdoor play.

The Adolescent Bridge STARR/Sybil H. Flagg Children’s Center, located in Boylston, is a STARR program specifically for adolescent boys. This historic home -- set on a sprawling, wooded lot -- also offers bright and spacious bedrooms and living spaces, separate kitchen and dining areas, and plenty of open space for outdoor sports and activities.

Our Clients at a Glance

The Latency Bridge STARR program in Worcester serves boys and girls ages 4 to 12.

The Sybil H. Flagg Children’s Center serves adolescent boys only.


Contact Us

Please feel free to contact STARR Program Director Gene Sims at 508-869-0197, ext. 101 with any questions you may have about the programs, residences, and professional staff.




Program Highlight

  • 100% of latency youth (24 of 24) and 95% of adolescents (49 of 51) attended their school of origin while at STARR.