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Therapeutic Mentoring


Program Snapshot

Y.O.U., Inc.’s Therapeutic Mentoring Program is an innovative, community-based program for children with a clinical diagnosis that calls for intensive training in daily living, social, or communication skills. In many cases, these children are best helped not in a clinical setting, but rather in the settings that can be most difficult for them, such as their schools. family or foster homes.

The Therapeutic Mentoring program brings these services to children literally “in their natural habitat” -- in the school cafeteria, at their after-school activities, around the dinner table -- anywhere that thoughtful but firm coaching can help them to overcome their limitations and improve their overall social functioning. Mentors work side-by-side with children in these environments, providing guidance and training around topics such as conflict resolution, self-management skills, problem solving tactics, and age-appropriate behaviors.  

Therapeutic Mentors incorporate the child’s interests and activities in their work, including such activities as visits to local Boys and Girls Clubs, museums and other youth centers. Mentors might help their clients explore career opportunities,  research and apply for a job, or prepare for a GED exam. The mentor is also a key resource for any other caretakers involved with a child, whether it be a state welfare agency, or a child’s clinical providers – providing critical information about the client that helps to ensure that his or her complete needs are being met.

Clients at a Glance

Clients of the Therapeutic Mentoring program can be male or female, ages 3 to 21.

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