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Y.O.U., Inc.’s Outpatient behavioral health services are centered around three Family Centers, where children and families can participate in a range of individual, family and group counseling, attend parent and caregiver workshops, and enjoy family networking and social events -- all under one roof. Each family center is staffed by expert clinicians who can assist children and families in coping with issues such as substance abuse, depression and suicide prevention, illness and disability, family violence, trauma histories, bereavement and loss, eating disorders, behavior management, and abuse and neglect.

Included on the staff of the Family Centers is a Prevention Specialist, whose role includes helping families to successfully navigate the behavioral health system, and help to connect clients to additional services and supports in the community. The Prevention Specialists offer free educational workshops, and facilitate support groups where parents struggling with a variety of issues and concerns can meet to share ideas, and gain strength from common experiences.

The Family Centers are also home base to a number of specialized therapeutic programs, ranging from Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation, to Positive Parent Coaching, comprehensive School-Based Counseling services,  and specialized testing and assessment services.


Outpatient Programs

Y.O.U., Inc. Family Centers provide a broad range of outpatient  individual and family counseling services, workshops, trainings and family networking events in three convenient locations – Worcester, Southbridge, and Gardner.

Positive Parent Coaching is an innovative program for parents who have the desire to learn new parenting techniques and improve their parenting skills; the program includes training and support around issues such as understanding child development, appropriate disciplinary techniques, and effective communication skills.

School-Based Counseling and Testing Services include individual and specialized group counseling, consultations and trainings for school staff, family counseling and psychiatric services, psychological testing, and ADHD evaluations.

Therapeutic Mentoring is an in-home, community-based program offering structured, one-to-one support between a highly skilled mentor and a youth who is experiencing behavioral and/or emotional issues in their home, school or community.

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation is a pioneering approach to addressing aggressive and disruptive behavioral and emotional issues in children at their earliest stages – in preschool settings where our clinicians are either “embedded” with the center’s staff, or consult with contracted programs on a regular basis.