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Loss and Trauma Institute


2015 Worcester Institute on   Loss & Trauma

Trauma of Displacement and Disruptive Attachment

 September 16, 2015








Mission of the Conference

The mission of the Worcester Institute on Loss and Trauma is to offer consultation, education, research and other resources to people who help and assist trauma survivors. The annual fall conference is the cornerstone of the Institute. Offering topics that are timely and relevant, the sixteenth annual conference emphasis will be on introducing participants to current research and practices focused on treating children and families who experience displacement and disruptive attachment.

Purpose of the 2015 Conference

Individuals, children, and families face complex challenges when displacement occurs in the form of foster care placement, military separation, immigration, divorce, extreme poverty, war, etc. Common adjustment issues include adapting to a new home, milieu, culture, language, environment, and learning new customs, while simultaneously maintaining family values and cultural traditions.

For many who are displaced, trauma is central to their experience prior to, during, and post-displacement. Therefore, it is critically important when serving people who have been displaced that providers understand trauma, attachment issues, and its impact when designing programs and services that reflect the principles of trauma-informed care.

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